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Do you want to be successful? Training is the key to success!

The technology of Faymonville vehicles is constantly evolving. To be up to date, continuous training is absolutely necessary.

The “Faymonville Academy“ has been established to strengthen the competence of the employees and sales partners. Expertise and product knowledge are the bases for targeted consulting. Topics like product development, technology, production or customer support are subjects that can always be deepened!

Thanks to an ideally equipped training room in Büllingen, the theoretical knowledge will be deepened on some exhibits. Three low loader modules are available and will be complemented by models of a pendle axle and an independent wheel suspension.

All these trainings include a following exam with a personalized certification.

Education is the way to success ! Don’t miss it, sign up !

The „Faymonville Academy“ has the goal to systematize trainings and to pass information. The offered trainings are divided into four sections: basic knowledge, additional knowledge, product trainings and workshop trainings.

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