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The training “basic knowledge” includes a general introduction into the commercial vehicle technology. The participant receives an overview of the different vehicle types and parts of a semi-trailer. This training will be completed by a compilation of the most important legal regulations and special permissions.

The content of the “product trainings” is precise technical instructions about a certain product, including a listing of all technical features and advantages. At the moment, product trainings are available for the MultiMAX, MegaMAX, VarioMAX, GigaMAX, TeleMAX, CargoMAX and the PrefaMAX.

The „Faymonville Academy“ is also open for customers who can receive technical support in form of “workshop trainings”. These trainings are focused on passing product knowledge to mechanics, master craftsmen or fleet managers. Detailed operating instructions, circuit diagrams in the electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic sector and important tips for maintenance, repairs and troubleshooting will be explained.

The part “additional knowledge” speaks about important automotive engineering topics. For example: axles, axle suspension, suspension or steering systems but also load distribution, forces and bending moments.

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