The BladeMAX celebrates its premiere in Munich: the transport solution for the new generation of wind turbine blades. The rotor blade adapter by far is the strongest of its type on the market. With 650 mT, only the BladeMAX can move the latest mega wind turbine blades. In that way, that they can be transported safely and efficiently in wooded or built-up areas, in tight hairpin bends or in mountainous regions.


Rotor blades can be picked up, erected up to an angle of almost 90°, swivelled and rotated by 360° around their own axis using the adapter, which is mounted on a self-propelled vehicle or between modular axle lines. The patented Roto-Translation is unique. Thanks to this sophisticated levering device, the center of gravity remains considerably more stable than with conventional devices when the blade is moved from the vertical to the horizontal position.


Greater handling stability is also guaranteed with the patented stability control system. The interaction of electronics, hydraulics and visualisation increases safety as the center of gravity shifts when moving the blades. The BladeMAX works without the use of counterweights weighing several tonnes.

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