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Five exhibits will be presented by the Faymonville Group at CONEXPO


Stretched and retracted within minutes


Unique king-pin steering

9-axle version with booster

Legal payload up to 205,000 lbs


The 9-axle HighwayMAX is a beneficial trailer for anyone looking to cut down set up time prior to loading and to reduce empty weight to increase payload.

A real workhorse for North American heavy haulers, which allows them to grow their business!

Recently, Faymonville launched the next generation: the HighwayMAX-2 with a 3-axle pin-on nitro-booster to significantly increase the legal payload capacity!

The user-friendly HighwayMAX excels thanks to its outstanding maneuverability and fast mobilization.

The king-pin steering and the use of hydraulic pendle-axles with a steering angle of up to 60° let the trailer follow the truck ideally around the tightest corners. The user also has the option to override the steering manually using either a cable or wireless remote control.

The 23.6” axle stroke allows to manage very uneven roads or jobsites and to self-load cargo, thereby saving on lifting equipment cost.

Moreover, the trailer can be very easily stretched and retracted within minutes. When closed, the total “truck and trailer” length does not exceed 90’, allowing to travel without escort in most states.

The HighwayMAX also convinces with a strong chassis design to move very compact and concentrated loads with very little deflection and highest stability, while keeping the tare weight low.

Finally, it fully complies with the specific dimensional and DOT requirements in North America, thereby maximizing possibilities for users in the US and Canada.


The MultiMAX 3+3 single-drop trailer is a real allrounder for the most different heavy haul projects.

It offers great versatility thanks to a combination of payload capacitymaneuverabilitylow mobilization cost and a double stretch, allowing flexible spacings between the axle tridems and a total deck length up to 77’.

High-tech in outstanding quality for the North American transport market.

Great versatility, low mobilization cost


Payloads up to 120,000lbs

6 axle (3+3) stretch single-drop trailer

The hydraulic lifting and lowering of the neck allows optimal ground clearance even on uneven terrain or when passing railway crossings and other obstacles.

While the 3-axle front bogie with caster steered axles follows the truck, the rear bogie counter-steers using state-of-the-art king-pin steering including remote control override. This combination ensures an ideal turning radius and helps to manage and enter tight corners and jobsites.

As it remains within a length of 53’ and a width of 100” when closed, it can be mobilized extremely fast and without any escorts or permits.

From its closed length, the trailer stretches to over 90’ incl. the gooseneck, thanks to a double stretch beam between gooseneck and front bogie and a single extension between the two tridems. For additional load support over the extended stretch beams, the trailer comes with several extra bunk sections

The platform over the axle bogies is closed and covered with timber. The trailer can be widened up to 10’ in these areas, using galvanized pull-out outriggers.

The MultiMAX also convinces with a strong chassis design and highest stability, while keeping the tare weight low.

Finally, the double drop fully complies with the specific dimensional and DOT requirements in North America, thereby maximizing possibilities for users in the US and Canada.

To move highest goods


Available with steerable fourth pin-on flip axle

Unmatched maneuverability


The extra low double-drop trailer is the ideal solution for extremely high and bulky goods, such as industrial components, machinery or oversized containers and crates.

Its king-pin steering with override remote control is a unique feature in North America. With its unmatched maneuverability, it allows access into extremely tight areas.

The 3-axle version is available on pneumatic suspension or with hydraulic pendle-axles.

The air ride is now also available with a unique steerable fourth pin-on flip axle. This option helps to increase the legal payload and to ensure even more versatility going from state to state.

The hydraulic detachable gooseneck on the double-drop trailer allows continuous height adjustment and a maximum of flexibility during the loading process.

The MegaMAX is available with two interchangeable deck types: a stretch deck and a minideck.

The stretch deck is the lowest of its kind in the market, with a loaded deck height of only 13.8”. It is extremely versatile and can be used for countless types of heavy and oversize cargo including industrial goods, tanks, railcars, machinery or oversize containers. From a closed length of 25’, it can be stretched up to 42’ and lengthened even further using additional inserts.

The minideck runs at a height of 10.8” only and is ideal to move transformers or generators. The steel construction on the whole width allows maximum point loads even for jacking and skidding operation.

With a compressed length of 53’ total and a width of 100” without outriggers, the MegaMAX can be run empty without any escorts or permits.

With the flip-axle, the trailer is rated for payloads up to 105,000lbs. When the 4th axle is not needed, it is easy to detach or flip for empty transport to shorten the combination. 

Finally, the double-drop fully complies with the specific dimensional and DOT requirements in North America, thereby maximizing possibilities for users in the US and Canada.


The Faymonville DualMAX is a modular dual-lane trailer system for highest payloads.

Thanks to the patented “lift&shift” system, the axles can be widened under load from 13’11” to 16’, 18’ or 20´.

This extremely fast and user-friendly feature allows to adapt to different states’ road regulations when passing borders and to be as compact as possible for on-site operations.

The axles can be widened under load from 13’11” to 16’, 18’ or 20´.


Modular dual-lane trailer

 Patented “lift&shift” system

The DualMAX axle bogies are available with 2, 3 or 4 axles lines and can be combined to form different trailer sizes for maximum versatility. They are equipped with hydraulic pendle-axles that offer a steering angle up to 55° to each side, a total stroke of 29.5“ and a maximum load per axle line or 52,900 lbs at 50 mph.

The lift&shift system allows to widen the trailer, even when fully loaded. In contrast to other products, the steering rods do not need to be disassembled and the trailer can remain static during the widening process. This makes this feature uniquely easy, safe and fast to operate.

For empty/return transport on a conventional trailer, the chassis frame of the axle bogies can conveniently be folded up, reducing the width under 10’.

Both gooseneck and drawbar systems are available to pull the DualMAX. Above that, the axle bogies can be combined with numerous decks and accessories, such as an extra-low transformer deck, widening perimeter decks, suspension beam systems or turntables.


Finally, it fully complies with the specific dimensional and DOT requirements in North America, thereby maximizing possibilities for users in the US and Canada.


he Cometto Eco1000 is the new self-propelled electronically steered modular vehicle with integrated Power Pack Unit for in-plant transport jobs up to a payload of 1000 t.

The whole concept builds on a future oriented modular principle and offers an easy plug-and-play configuration.


Cometto provides the widest range with the Eco1000 on the market : the compact vehicle is available with 2, 4 and 6 axle lines! They can be combined up to 4 units with interchangeable components as some different power pack technologies and a wide range of accessories.

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More information on the booth! 

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